Curtain Raisers

View of seating in Heritage HallMary Ann Worley originated the concept of Curtain Raisers for Heritage Hall in 2005 and headed the membership drive through 2016. Her dedication and enthusiasm kept a large group of Curtain Raisers excited about their role in the success of Heritage Hall. Not only do they provide annual funding, but of equal importance, they provide a solid nucleus of attendance and overall support for Heritage Hall. Below is the list of 2016 Curtain Raisers.


 Phyllis Blevins,   Joan Croteau,   Lorraine Darocha,

Nancy Davis,   Shirley S. Dowell,   Ellen Gaddy,

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Gentry,   Marcia Hickman,  Johnson County Arts Council

Charles and Helen McQueen,   Sheriff  Mike and Temple Reece,   Jeannine Marie Stockinger,

Diane Timmons,   Janet Wilson,   Patti Young.


Dan and Carole Carey,   Ginny and Larry Chaffinch,   Patti and David Cowart,

Bob and Dianne Ferree,   George and Marilyn Hall,   Joe Hawkins,

Walt Heerschap: in memory of Judy Heerschap,   Kathleen and Dean Henderson,

Rod and Carol Huff,   Rudy and Monta Lucas,   John and Anne Perry,

Karla Prudhomme,   Douglas and Norma Roark,   George and Patricia Sanfilippo,

Kate Stermer,   Warren and Becky Stewart,   Hazel Stout,

Hunter and June Terry,   Dr. and Mrs. David Timbs,   Charlie and Janice Ward,

Dennis and Angie Wills.


Ken and Sandy Clouse,  Merrill “Pete” Deitrich,  Frank and Barbara Donovan,

Celeste Simcox Dunn,  Cloyce M. Eller,  Ed Ellis,

Kenneth and Sandra Erickson,  Robert and Karin Glenn,  Barbara Gratsch,

Vance and Iris Greer,  Gene and Alma Hackney,  Marilynn and Jim Helms,

Dennis and Barbara Henson,   Timothy Hill,   Sue and Malcolm Howard,

Bob and Nancy Hulcher,   Lawrence and Linda Keeble,

Melvin and Ann Huyard,   Joan Kendig,   Toll and Hilda Lewis,

Lester and Barbara Mallett,   Tom and Jane Ann McGee,   Bob and Minnie Miller,

Modern Woodmen of America: in honor of Nancy Davis,   John and Kaye Muse,

Brenda and Lloyd Peake,   Samuel and Sharon Santa Rita,   Joe and Jean Ann Savery,

William G. and Ava M. Shaver,   Kenneth Sheldon and Barbara Perry-Sheldon,

Bobbie G. Smith,   Leni Smith,   Billy J. Stalcup,

Nina Beth Steele,   Susan and Paul Stephan,   Blaine and Elizabeth Stout,

Jeff  Straesser,   Suba’s restaurant,   Taylorsville masonic lodge,

Herman and Nancy Tester,   Joe and Margaret Thacker,   Joy and Peter Wachs,

Celia and John Whitlock,   Benjamin and Mary Wilson,   Carol and John Winningham,

Tom and Mary Ann Worley.


Mona B. Alderson,   Bette M. Askins,

Sue and John Borst,   Bill and Nancy Bryant,   James F. and Frances Dugger Cooper,

Randy and Chris Dandurand,   Trenton and Kay Davis,   Stephen and Paula Grange,

Don and Janet Greever,   Bill and Judy McGuire,   Linda and Howard Moon,

Kathleen Mount,   Carol Redd,   Bill and Joan Trathen,

George T. and Andy Wright.


Betty Brown,   Dennis Cook and Kristy Herman,   DANNY HERMAN TRUCKING, INC.,


REDTAIL MOUNTAIN,   Wiley and Caroline Roark,   Bill and Barbara Seals,

Mark Sijthoff,   COOK-EVERETT FUNDMemorials for Ed Cook,   JCHS Class of 1956,

Kenneth P. and Sandra J. Erickson,   Martin and Hande Glenn,   Robert and Alice Glenn,

George and Marilyn Hall,   Aleta Higgins,   Sharon and Donald Holder,

Ellen Bane Hull,   Henry and Flora Joy,   Rudy and Monta Lucas,

Bill and Judy McGuire,   Karla R. Prudhomme,   Bobbie Smith,

Donald and Carole Tarr,   Rachell C. Tillman,   Bill and Joan Trathen,

Dr. John Whitlock,   Tom and Mary Ann Worley.`

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