Ticket Booth

Hey, friends! Hope you had a blast during the holidays. We did too, but we also worked hard to make 2024 awesome for you. Guess what? We have a new ticket booth in town! No more going downstairs to the box office like a mole. Just pop into Nalley’s Shirt Shop at 118 W. Main Street and get your tickets there. The ticket booth is just inside and to the left. It’s open from 11 to 5, starting February 5. Or buy them online anytime, starting February 3 (except for the Talent Show, that’s February 24). Just hit the Buy Tickets link on the website.

Want to see what we have planned for 2024? Go to our Events page and feast your eyes on the amazing shows we have lined up. You’ll find all the info and some cool videos too. Trust us, you don’t want to miss them!

And don’t forget our season passes! They’re still hot and ready for you. $230 for all Heritage Hall events, and $60 for all plays. Call Alice at 423-727-7444 and she’ll hook you up. She’s nice like that.