Technical Information

House Manager: Andy Watts

Programming Director: Judy McGuire – (423) 213-2754

Risk Management Coordinator: Chase McGlamery

Sound and Lighting information: Bob Morrison, Chase McGlamery

Seating Capacity:

Main Level:  295

Balcony:  126


Double door loading ramp and handicap access to the stage.

Wheelchair seating level located on the main level.

Assisted hearing devices are available.

Free and ample parking is available.


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Heritage Hall Sound Reinforcement System was designed for a variety of Performers in this size Venue. It has proven appropriate for Plays, Presentation Programs, Large Choral Groups, Concerts, and very appropriate for Bands from Bluegrass, Gospel, to Rock.

House Sound System and Design: Peavey Architectural Acoustics Sound

24 Input X Stereo, Mono Group Outputs X 6 Aux Sends

2 Peavey Single Channel Speakers Each Main Mounted Left and Right of the Proscenium

3 Peavey Single Channel Speakers Mounted Front under Balcony

3 Peavey Single Channel Speakers Mounted Front Balcony

2 Peavey Sub Speakers on Floor Level

2 Wedge Single Channel Monitors

18 VHF Receivers for Assisted Listening.

Microphones: Inventory includes matched Peavey and a selection of vocal, instrument microphones with stands. 4 Peavey Area Microphones Hanging over the Stage. We do not have wireless microphones for rentals.

Playback Formats: CD

Additional or alternate equipment can be rented to accommodate any special needs of the performance.

The mix position is located in the Mix Booth located in the rear section of the Balcony.

Intercommunication wired system from Mix Booth to Stage and Green Room.

A full inventory and system diagram are available upon request.