2022 Curtain Raisers

Our former Board Member Mary Ann Worley conceptualized the Curtain Raisers program for Heritage Hall in 2005 and spearheaded the membership drive through 2016. Her dedication and enthusiasm kept a large group of Curtain Raisers excited about their role in the success of Heritage Hall. Not only do they provide annual funding, but of equal importance, they provide a solid nucleus of attendance and overall support for Heritage Hall. Below is the list of our 2021 Curtain Raisers.

Superstars $1000+
Stars $500-$999
Benefactors $250-$499
Patrons $100-$249
Friends $50-$99
Members $25-$49


Bette Askins
James & Marilynn Helms
Carole Tarr in memory of Dr. Donald Tarr


Eric and Linda Hofmann
Linda Moon
Sandy Richardson
Wiley and Caroline Roark
Deborah Roush
Mark and Addie Bobbitt Sijthoff


Mona B. Alderson
John and Sue Borst
Bill and Nancy Bryant
Jim and Frances Cooper
Celeste Simcox Dunn DBA H&R Block
Robert and Alice Glenn
Robert and Karin Glenn
Doug and June Gunden
Bill and Judy McGuire
Lawrence Seybold
Paul and Susan Stephan
John Whitlock
George and Andy Wright


Derek and Delite Becker
Hank and Jill Bontrager
Ken and Sandy Clouse
Daisy Everett
David and Agne Glenn
Martin and Hande Glenn
Stephen and Paula Grange
Vance and Iris Greer
Webb and Gloria Griffith
Gene and Alma Hackney
Walt Heerschap in memory of
Judy Heerschap
Rod and Carol Huff
Nancy Hulcher
Wayne and Dinah Jeffries
Jon Lundberg
Tom and Jane Ann Shoun McGee
Lester and Barbara Ann Mallett
Bob and Minnie Miller
John and Kay Muse
Darwin and Brenda Peake
Barb Raga
Bud and Debby Reece
Janice Russell
George and Patricia Sanfilippo
William G. and Ava Michael Shaver
Bobbie Smith
Jim and Kay Smith
Nina Beth Steele
Rich and LuAnn Suba/Suba’s Restaurant
Taylorsville Masonic Lodge #243
Bill and Joan Trathen
Peter and Joy Wachs
Tom and Mary Ann Worley


Jo Caraway
Nancy Davis
Naomi Hammons in memory of Willie Hammons
Walt Heerschap in memory of Harry and Donna Rosenberg
Dean and Kathleen Henderson
Gary Hyman and Ginny Lapin
Charles and Helen McQueen
Pamela Steinke
Richard and Marie-Jo Thum
Janice Ward
Danny and Janet Wilson


Dan and Carole Carey
Lewis and Jeana Chapman
Lorraine Darocha
Ellen Moore
Mike and Temple Reece
Douglas and Norma Roark
Dennis and Angie Wills
Patti Young