The Burnett Sisters Trio
Growing up playing music together in Boone, North Carolina, the Burnett Sisters’ sound is focused around the type of breathtaking vocal harmonies that can only come from the unique bond shared by siblings, expertly complemented by tight instrumental arrangements and a bona fide love of the traditional songs they play. To assign a genre to...
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The Kody Norris Show
The Kody Norris Show is, deeply rooted in North American folk music.  Norris has crafted a performance that harkens back and tips a hat to the traditions created by Bill Monroe, Jimmy Martin’s showmanship, the Stanley Brothers’ harmonies, performances of the Grand Ole Opry, and a bit of Vaudeville. Top-notch picking is center stage, but...
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We’re excited to announce that our box office officially opens today at noon for our 2022 season of events! As in recent years, our box office operating hours are Wednesday through Friday from 12:00 to 2:00 p.m. You may call the box office at 423-727-7444 for event information or to reserve tickets. Our 2022 season...
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