Old Time Music


Tennessee Hillbuddies
The Tennessee Hillbuddies hold an esteemed place in the annals of American music as pioneers of country and folk. Comprising Henry Barnes, Ali Kafka, Conner Vlietstra, and Henry’s cousin Trevor Holder, this groundbreaking quartet left an indelible mark on the world of traditional music. Their harmonious vocals, harmolodic interplay, and cutting social commentary continue to resonate...
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Summer Series #3 Promo Image
Our Summer Series, featuring local talent, returns to Heritage Hall Theatre in 2024!  Our Summer Series #3, and final 2024 Summer Series event, features local bands Nowhere Valley and Hillbilly Strings. Nowhere Valley is a local 3-piece old-time and folk music band.  Jennifer Gillenwater, and Sam and Ginger Dalton, play old-time, bluegrass, pop, gospel, and...
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Kody Norris Event Promo Image
Whatever you do, don’t call The Kody Norris Show ‘retro’. While the reigning SPBGMA Entertainers of the Year are known for the rhinestones that shine from their lapels and the fringe that hangs from their collars seem to conjure up memories of times gone by, The Kody Norris Show is very much directing their gaze...
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Wayne Henderson 2024 Event Image
Wayne Henderson is a true American original. He is a world-class luthier as well as a world-class guitar player. And that makes him unquestionably the lone member of a club of one: Stradivari and Paganini in a pair of glue-stained Carhartts. Wayne Henderson has played all over the world and in 1996 won a National...
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